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Have you been told about the BEST food on the market?

Here at Copper T Canines, we believe that nutrition is the most important building block for a healthy immune system and a healthy life. In our opinion, there is not a better food on the market! Don't believe me? Let me compare our foods!

 Life's Abundance is inspired by nature and formulated by science. Our product formulator is Jane Bicks, DVM. She is a nationally recognized authority for her holistic treatment of animals. We are constantly fighting the battle to eat healthy for ourselves, so why would we feed our pets any less? Make sure your pets have the complete nutrition their body requires for a long healthy life. A great perk to buying Life's Abundance is you no longer have to make a trip to the pet store and carry out a 40lb bag of food. Life's Abundance is shipped straight to your door with 2-3 day shipping! Isn't that enough reason to switch? If you try any product and are not pleased, Life's Abundance has a 30 day money-back guarantee! We stand by our products and take pride in excellent customer service. 

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